Dappio's Commissions

Here you can find all my current commission options and prices!
If there is a project you would like me to work on that is bigger than what I offer, or have any questions at all, please feel free to send me a message!
Make sure to check out the terms below before ordering.


  • Once paid I will work on your commission. Once completed I will message you as well as post in on social media. If you don't want it posted please feel free to let me know!

  • Wait time is usually 1-3 weeks (can take longer depending on my queue/personal reasons), but feel free to check in with me periodically or notify me if there is a time constraint.

  • When the sketch is sent PLEASE let me know if it doesn't fit your requirements, any large changes at finish will have a fee.

  • Works are free to use for streaming/public use but credit is required. Please do not reproduce my works without asking about commercial rights

  • Please no NSFW requests!

  • *I do not allow any of my work to be used as NFTs. If found out my work is being used as an NFT I revoke all the users rights to the commission, as well as a ban from any future work and access to any of my socials.

Will do:

  • OCs

  • Canon Characters

  • Self-Ship

  • FFXIV, DnD, ect...

Won't do:

  • Anthro (not my strong suit sorry!)

  • Mechs

  • NSFW

  • and anything I feel like is inappropriate


  • A cute chibi icon/emote

  • $25 for individuals

  • 6 emotes for $125

  • Any orders larger than 6+ please send me a msg!

Colored Sketch

  • $35 flat colored sketch (1-2 character)

  • Quick turnaround!

  • +$15 per extra character


  • $60 4-panel pngtuber with blink

  • best used with veadotube mini

  • Can be in either chibi or full body style

  • +$15 per extra expressions

Full Body

  • $95 fully body drawing

  • 1-2 characters (+$20 per extra)

  • simple backgrounds only

  • Can also do a small refrence sheet style

Illustration Comms


  • $150 1-2 character Illustration

  • +$30 per extra character

  • simple to mid-level background (may be extra depending on complexity)

  • up to +5 changes after final is sent (extra changes after are +$5)

I run almost all my comms through Ko-fi/VGen! Use the button below to order!